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Monday, January 17, 2011

Only 354 days till.....

(Again, please note that this blog post is an even older post from my first blog)

I jump out of a plane, yes, that's right, jump out of a plane.  I dread even just thinking about it, even now, even as I've just made the decision to jump. LOL There are a few different reasons I'm doing this and refocusing my blog.  For the most part it will be the same, but much more intense and personal.  I have decided to focus on three aspect of my life this year with my blog:

1. Weightloss
2. My Faith
3. How does a Christian deal with depression

Because of my personality I have found that this is the only way to get myself on the right track.  If you take the time to do the DISC test which you can find on Facebook, it is quite helpful. I have found that I am a S.  For those of you who know what that means, you know I'm literally dragging myself out of my shell to do this.  My depression and laziness have driven me to the point of madness so I'm going to do something extreme by jumping out of a plane and making myself accountable to the world.  So no matter if people ask me how I'm really doing instead of getting the "fine" answer and being happy with that, they know whats really going on, even if its to my horror.

My hope with all of this is to grow in my faith so that I can jump out of the plane, because I know that if I don't there is no way they are even getting me into the plane on the ground.  My weight loss is an obvious one, it will also help ensure that I have a healthy heart for the jump, and a healthy heart for my family.  This journey is also about how a believer in Jesus Christ deals with depression.  I have heard both extremes on the issue and I'm wanting to walk my own path on this one, even if it does mean that I do eventually go and get a med that just helps conduct the positive changes that I'm making in this area.

I will be posting weight-ins, what I eat, exercise routines, even recipes, to see if any of ya'll like them or if any of you foodie people have any ideas on how to change them to make them healthier.  These changes are going to be a combination of drastic/gradual.  I don't want to go too drastic and then fall face first and decide not to pick myself up again.  I would love your support and encouragement. I hope I am an encouragement to you as well.

Thank you for starting this journey with me, I know its going to be a crazy ride, but roller coasters are supposed to be, right? :-)

God Bless,


  1. Keep writing, dear one. I followed your blog trail to your new one and I too have been deeply impacted by depression, myself and my family. I run to Christ, and literally run marathons, to find a balance. I am still searching for that balance...blessings for your journey!

  2. Thank you so much Elizabeth for your encouragement! I appreciate it!

  3. WOW!!!! can totally do this!!!! I'm hooked now!