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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Children's Art

Each and every week, if not every day, my wonderful children make/draw/color beautiful art work that simply must be displayed.  For the longest time I had no idea how I was going to do this, all I knew was that the fridge simply wasn't large enough, especially when all five(+) start making pieces daily.  I also knew that just having a piece up for a day, just to be taken down tomorrow for the next wasn't an option.  I wanted to be able to see a number of my children's work at the same time and be able to view it for a couple of days at least.  At some point, my oldest, Elizabeth, started taping individual pieces up, she had two walls going and it was starting to look like wall paper, while this was a fun way to get to see her masterpieces, I also started to become concerned that either a) other children would pull the pieces down, thus upsetting her greatly or b) the pieces would become more like wallpaper and fill our wonderful home as all of them would want to do the same thing as Elizabeth.

Recently I have been meeting with a good friend, a truly Titus 2 woman that has been guiding me along and observed my conundrum and suggested what you see in this final picture.  Now, I get to see a number of different pictures by my oldest three children, and when the other two really start coloring and drawing I'll either add more clips to the first ribbon or I'll just have to start a second line right underneath. So we put up the current pictures and when a week has gone by they get to change out the pictures and I either toss the old ones, mail them out to friends and family or scan them into the computer, and then toss them.  It has really helped me par down on my paper clutter, which became a big problem for me because my children are such a big part of my life I didn't want to throw away what they essentially made for me and my enjoyment. 


Pictures were provided by Jessica Neidigk.

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  1. Beautiful art work and what a great way to display it!