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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

New Beginnings...

New beginnings…. That’s what it’s all about…. After much struggling and frustration, I have come up with a new plan to start my weight loss.  Now, I will say, this isn't for everyone, if you do decide to do what I've decided to do, please talk to your doctor first, please don't put yourself in harms way if your body can't handle this type of diet.  So,.. on to it.... I have started a new soup diet, it's taken me about a week and a half to figure it out and I must say, it's been enlightening and intense.  Yes, it is a "fad diet," that the weight will not stay off and that I can't be on it forever, but that's not my point. My point is to start retraining my mind and body to desire the fruits and veggies it so truly needs instead of the other "stuff."  When it's time for me to give up the diet before I do, I'm going to slowly start adding regular food to it and cut back slowly on the soup, while keeping/adding more fruit/veggies to my diet. Thus far, I have been on it for a week and a half and have lost 11lbs. Today is my day off where I can eat anything I want, and am already tired of all the sugar and bread in a way.  On the second or third evening of the diet I had made a wonderful meal for my family who is mostly comprised of very picky eaters who aren't hungry at this stage.  So after lovingly putting my blessings to bed I sat on the couch and cried, yes, cried because I wanted so much to eat that wonderful meal while my children had no desire to eat or any idea how much I put into this meal for them, not myself......... Hey, as I'm re-reading this I'm tearing up, food is such a big part of my life..... I'll continue that thought in another blog.... So, as I said before, this is my day off, and I already can't wait to start back on tomorrow, and this time not cheat. I'm also going to start an exercise schedule.  My plan is to stay on this diet either until I get to 200lbs apx. or until we are expecting another blessing.  I'm excited, truly excited.   


  1. Jenni - good for you for being ready. I'm soooo right there with you. Can I share something that has worked for me in the past and is currently working for me? Jesus. I know, it really does seem simple. It's true.

    I'm doing (again) The Lord's Table Bible study. I lost 45 lb. in 2007 while doing the Bible study. It is amazing and yet so simple. It's free, too! Nothing complicated. It really is about the holy spirit, because we can do all this stuff and only eat certain things but it really comes down to being a heart issue and our heart craves fullness. We just happen to try to fill our heart with cheesecake and buffalo wings. Am I alone?

    Praying for you to be free!! He wants us to feast on Him!

  2. Thank you so much Christine for sharing your experience and your heart with me. I will definitely have to look into that site because I truly do feel like I am trying to fill my voids with food instead of Christ. Thank you for your prayers, and keep me updated! :D